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It's Going To Be A Long Day   
12:40pm 27/02/2007
mood: mellow
Today's my first fasting day in a long time... ever since I had 2 kids i just let myself go... for the longest time i was in "recovery" so says  my family Dr. but.... forget that i am disgusting now... its been almost 3 whole years since i was into all this. i'm having a hard time getting back into my cycle... i just read about this 2468 diet and i love it.... i'm going to start tomorrow after this fasting day!
if anyone has any tips for me let me know! i need some much needed support...  
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12:03pm 27/02/2007
  so this isn't as easy as it was last time... i'm having a hard time with this... not eating/dieting thing... i think i'm going to to fat forever! lol man this is crazy....  
First Day!   
10:58am 24/02/2007
  todays my number one day at this strict diet/weight loss plan i have... i woke up this morning to two screaming little boys... after having changed their butts and dressing them i let them feed themselves thier breakfast... in fear that i might eat cereal too. they did a good job though, just a little bit messy!
so far today the menu has planned for raw carrots, water, and green tea! wish me luck..... the first day back on it is always the hardest~!
Brand new to this!   
01:47am 24/02/2007
  This is my first time on live journal... i'm just usually on myspace... i thought i would try something new...